The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship by Cara Iris Miller

The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship

Book Title: The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship

Publisher: Fearless Publishing House

Release Date: 2017-10-02

Author: Cara Iris Miller

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Cara Iris Miller with The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship

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Are you overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities without any end in sight?

Have you ever yearned for a more purposeful, simple life?

Are you uncertain of where to begin?

Author Cara Iris Miller has spent the past few years doing just what you may be contemplating at this moment. With her faith in God as a cornerstone, she has learned and fashioned a rhythm of living that is more simplified than complicated, as she and her family thrive in their yurt (small round home), as sustainably and simply as life will allow.

Now, in her book, The Humble Life Journal: Reflections on Simplicity and Stewardship, she shows how you can achieve the same desire for simplicity with expert tips and advice on:

- Simple health
- Money-saving tips
- Simple marriage
- Stewardship of the home
- Simple parenting
- And lots more…

Living a simple life doesn’t necessarily mean going without, but tends to focus more on what you can do without and, and to be a good steward with what you do have.

Complete with Bible verses and journal sections at the end of each chapter, you have plenty of space for your personal thoughts, prayers and ideas of how to incorporate each aspect into your life.

So, if you’ve been searching for a more peaceful yet abundant life, perhaps you’ve been looking in all the wrong places and it’s time to reassess and refresh your faith in the Lord!


"Not many books come close to describing life as simply and straightforwardly as The Humble Life Journal does. Starting out with a focus on stewardship and what it really means in life, the book is a personal diary that endeavors successfully to describe and explain simplicity in life. Right from the beginning, the author draws such strong imagery through carefully chosen words and sentences that you slip into Cara’s (the author) life without even knowing. As you continue to read page by page, you feel a smooth transitioning from one scene to another. Cara has this simplicity to her writing style that stays consistent throughout the journal.
The book aims to explain what simple life really means and how one can achieve it. There is not a single point in the book where you will find even a slightest hint that Cara is trying to impose her ways on you. Using straightforward language and words, she delineates her entire life exquisitely in the book. It is amazing and at the same time surprising how she is able to touch so much of what life is about in such a small book. She tells you how to be simple in life, starting from the energy you consume to how you must eat and feed your family.
Of course, the journal is all about her personal life, and she successfully explains the concept of stewardship in living, eating, marrying, parenting, cooking, enjoying, praying, etc. while presenting her own life as a role model.
Along the way you can also discover her strong connection with God and how she genuinely applies various beautiful biblical lessons in her life. You don’t find many books quoting biblical verses, giving simple food recipes, offering budget-friendly solutions and tips on parenting in one place. And then she asks you the important questions every now and then, making you feel your presence and compelling you to nod your head in agreement that whatever she has explained in the book is “simply” beautiful."

Brandi G. W., Writer