21 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy by Alvin Huang

21 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Book Title: 21 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Publisher: Alvin Huang, Chris D'Cruz

Release Date: 2014-05-28

Author: Alvin Huang

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Alvin Huang with 21 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

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Everything You've Ever Been Taught About Happiness Is WRONG.

We've been raised on the idea that the more we have, the happier we'll be. So much so that most of us dedicate our lives to pursuing the wrong ideals in life. We end up thinking career success guarantees happiness, or hitting a specific goal might make us happy, or that happiness is based on external circumstance.

Sometimes, giving up is exactly what you need to do in order to find happiness in your life.

"21 Things To Give Up To Be Happy" reveals the secrets to lifelong happiness. Comprising of 21 essential lessons, this book will teach you just why the old adage "less is more" couldn't be more apt to your pursuit of happiness.

Here are just some of what you'll find in "21 Things To Give Up To Be Happy":

Give Up Caring About What People Think About You
•Learn why seeking the approval of others may never get you the happiness you seek
•How it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks when you're an expert at what you do

Give Up Trying To Please Everyone Else Besides You
•Why saying "No" is not the end of the world (so many people are afraid of disagreeing because they're afraid of what might happen... but sometimes "No" is the best answer you can give)
•How being true to what you're great at will do more for your happiness than trying to be what others want you to be

Give Up Complaining
•Complaining is like being on a treadmill: It gets you nowhere! Learn why venting has very limited effectiveness compared to working on changing your circumstance (and how you can do exactly that... change circumstances).
•How focusing on what you have can overcome your perceived shortcomings (hint: the power of gratitude can work miracles...)

Give Up Making Excuses
•Excuses can extinguish unlimited potential that you might not have been aware of. Learn how giving up excuses might just put you back in control of your own life.
•Why trusting yourself can turn "I can't" into "I can" (once you get the hang of this, there's literally nothing you cannot achieve in life)

Give Up The Aimless Wander
•The secret to finding your true path in life (not knowing this secret is the #1 reason why so many people are unhappy...)
•How mapping your life goals can steer you in the right direction

And much, much more!