HamRadioSchool.com General License Course by Stu Turner WØSTU

HamRadioSchool.com General License Course

Book Title: HamRadioSchool.com General License Course

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1484847156

Author: Stu Turner WØSTU

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Stu Turner WØSTU with HamRadioSchool.com General License Course

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New for 2015 - 2019 NCVEC question pool! The HamRadioSchool.com General License Course book and web site provides everything you need to upgrade your FCC license to General Class amateur radio operator! This learning system not only offers the best exam preparation available today, it will help you to really understand ham radio so that you have the competence and the confidence to quickly begin using your new General Class HF band privileges!

Over-stuffed with professional illustrations and logically organized in easy-to-digest sections with a building-block learning approach, all 464 General Class exam questions are highlighted within a framework of explanation that uses common language, everyday analogies, and simple examples. The balance of depth with simplicity makes real learning about ham radio rewarding and enjoyable!

Our free online media includes interactive practice quizzes, videos, audio recordings, extra graphics, interesting web links and more, to reinforce book and exam topics section-by-section and to provide practical operational advice.

No matter your education or background, with HamRadioSchool.com you will ace your General Class VE exam, and you will really get it!